Substantial reduction of turnaround time for QTc diagnosis using smartphone based telecardiology.

Numerous drugs used for cancer treatment may lead to fatal cardiologic side effects like long QT syndrome. CANKADO QTc Tracker App is a telecardiology solution empowering oncologists in the real-time transfer of ECG records to tele-cardiologist for quick diagnosis.

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CANKADO Telecardiology provides

How CANKADO’s telecardiology QTc Tracker assists oncologists in clinical trials?

CANKADO’s telecardiology

Many patients undergoing cancer treatment are prone to cardiologic side effects like long QT syndrome. Therefore, it is essential to regularly assess the ECG of patients in oncology clinical trials which are associated with additional cardiologist visits and thus highly time-consuming.

CANKADO’s QTc Tracker App overcomes this issue by supporting ECG measurements directly on-site with a real-time transfer of ECG records for telecardiology diagnosis. The first study data proved the substantial reduction of turnaround time for QTc diagnosis using smartphone-based telecardiology.

With usage of QTc Tracker, regular cardiologists visits are reduced to certain extent as ECG diagnosis are available in shorter duration, thus substantially reducing the time and cost consumed by the regular ECG procedure for clinical trials.

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