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An Umbrella Solution

The CANKADO Companion-APP’s constitute an umbrella solution comprising a family of medical devices. Like a diagnostic kit system, the CANKADO environment includes a backbone solution as the underlying medical device. The backbone consists

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Patient's Records

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Data Security

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Connection to Healthcare Professionals

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PRO-React framework


As the development and certification of a medical device is a lengthy and costly process, the CANKADO Companion-APP solution provides a simple, fast, and high-value path for joint development. Through the integral development of a large bundle of Companion-APPs, synergistic effects will improve time to market and reduce development and certification costs.

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clinical oncology

Clinical evidence

CANKADO is constantly evolving. It’s a living system with a continuous development plan. Feedbacks, ideas, wishes, and suggestions from users are regularly collected and integrated into the further conception. Additionally, clinical trials and registers are fundamental for CANKADO.

The development of Companion-APP is based on profound knowledge and evidence. But it can become even better. Clinical trials evaluating the impact of a Companion APP are essential tools to improve value and to increase awareness.
Together with IOmedico an international operating CRO, specialist for haematological malignancies and oncology, CANKADO provides an evaluation concept:
The impact of Companion APP’s in a non-interventional trial according to drug law in combination with a randomized trial concept from the perspective of medical-device law. This trial concept allows assessing the impact of the Companion-APP with a high acceptance within under office-based oncologists and clinicians as well.

The OMCAT-register ( will begin in 2020. Aim of the “One Million Cancer Treatment Months”-Register is to develop a big-data, deep-learning-based system for incident prediction using leading indicators (such as precursors of instability) developed specifically for CANKADO. Here, “incidents” represent unfavorable situations, such as a severe adverse events or worsening of the disease. The next generation of CANKADO is designed to predict impending incident threats at an earlier stage than previously feasible and — by more timely intervention — help physicians to eliminate or mitigate the severity of an unfavorable event, reduce the required intensity of countermeasures, or otherwise reduce patient risks. It will also enable a more focused utilization of resources based on better risk identification.
Any cancer patient under treatment using PRO-React or one of the Companion-APP can be enrolled. Patients will be monitored for six months. During this time, physicians have to document all incidents of interest.
The register is designed for a multi-lingual, multi-national implementation.

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