Improving medical care with Cankado

CANKADO provides the environment to build drug-tailored, digital treatment support solutions, called referred to as Companion-APP’s. This environment allows physicians to support all patients under any treatment within one system.

Achieving More Together

The CANKADO constitute an umbrella solution comprising a family of medical devices. Like a diagnostic kit system, the CANKADO environment includes a backbone solution as the underlying medical device.

A Complete Solution

The CANKADO helps pharmaceutical, healthcare companies to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

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What special ?

Cankado makes it easier to diagnose, track, monitor and connect your patients with the appropriate medical services.

CANKADO is approved as an active Class I medical device within the European Union (registration number DE/CA59/11976/2017) and is compliant with the FDA classification for Mobile Medical Devices (2015) Appendix B.

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Trusted by global brands​

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