CANKADO ePro helps adding multiple assessments to a clinical trial answerable via a single access code. The system contains a wide database of standard questionnaires necessary for different trial studies. Dedicated App and web portal allows easy access of assessments for patients.

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CANKADO ePRO supports effective management of multiple assessments and is easily accessible for patients.

Successful evaluation of patient reported outcomes (PRO) helps in obtaining optimal results of the study end point. This requires active patient involvement throughout the study.

Digital health plays a vital role in improved patient engagement. It supports improved patient reporting pertaining to the study. During this process, patient retention can also be a threat when they have too much homeworks of assessment reporting. 

CANKADO has made the path way simpler. Physicians are able to package the assessments under a single access code which is uniquely identifiable for each patient. Patients are able to scan the QR code and directly have access to the assessments assigned by their physicians without any login process.

Alternatively, the CANKADO ePRO system also helps nurse assistance possible in answering the assessments during the patient’s clinical visit. Nurses in coordination with physicians can easily assign assessments to the patients and help them walk through the system.

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