CANKADO MaMeBe allows access to clinical trials assessment without any login 2

CANKADO MaMeBe tool allows patients to instantly answer clinical trial assessments through a unique QR code without logging in. This in particular is helpful for less Internet experienced patients.

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CANKADO MaMeBe tool provides

patient reported outcomes

How does CANKADO MaMeBe tool make answering assessments simple?

clinical trials

Clinical trials are successful only through continuous participation from Patients. Every trial has specific assessments needed to be answered by patients. Successful evaluation of clinical trials depends on active patient involvement.

Every time for answering the assessment the patients should log in to the system, which frequently demands assistance, in particular for elderly patients. In order to encourage regular patient involvement we make it easy for the patients to answer assessments through CANKADO MaMeBe.  

CANKADO MaMeBe tool provides a simple solution by implementing access to questionnaires via unique QR code that enables the patient to open and answer the questionnaire without logging in. Patients can use their smartphone or tablet to scan the assessment code and directly answer the assessments. 

CANKADO digital healthcare system ensures quick, simple, and effective channels for increased patient engagement during their treatment process. Regular PRO (patient reported outcomes) is always beneficial for patients,  which helps in timely, appropriate diagnosis and also paves way to achieve the intended clinical trial goals.

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