Study nurse assistance for patients in CANKADO ePRO

The usability of CANKADO ePRO is made much easier with the nurse assistance feature. Nurses are able to guide the patients in answering their assessments, document their health status and medication intake. This attributes to increased patient satisfaction, improved patient adherence to treatment.

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Advantages of CANKADO ePRO Study Nurse Assistance Feature

How does the CANKADO ePRO nurse assist feature help patients or improve patient care?

How does the CANKADO ePRO nurse assist feature help patients or improve patient care?

The nurse guides the patients throughout the clinical trial/studies, which commonly starts at the beginning when patients start using CANKADO. Patients are handed over with a welcome sheet that contains the login credentials. All patients prefer their initial login into the system under the guidance of their nurses. 

Through the Assist feature in the CANKADO ePRO system, nurses can educate the patients in using the system to answer their assessments assigned by their doctors. Also, help assist patients to document their health status and their medication intake.

Moreover, nurses have remote access control of patient treatment assessments. They are able to start, pause, or stop the assessments when required under the instruction of the treating doctors.

Hence nurse assistance to patients in using the digital system plays a vital catalyst role in increasing patient adherence, patient satisfaction, and patient empowerment.

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