CANKADO’s Digital Poster Presentation Won One of The Three Poster Prizes Of QoCC 2021 2

CANKADO’s Tele-Cardiology Application Won the QoCC 2021 Poster Prize

The striking results and the substantial workflow of the tele-cardiology application, QTc Tracker received the prize

The digital poster presented by CANKADO together with Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), West German Study Group (WSG) and Kliniken Essen-Mitte GmbH (KEM) received one of the three poster prizes of the Quality of Cancer Care (QoCC) congress 2021. Quality of Cancer Care (QoCC), the interdisciplinary online congress was conducted as a virtual conference this year and CANKADO’s project manager, Lena-Sophie Fink presented the poster on 9th February

The digital poster ‘ Upto 99% Reduced Turnaround Time for QTc Diagnostics using Tele-Cardiology ’ includes the first usage data of CANKADO’s tele cardiology application, QTc Tracker, within two multicenter, oncologic phase III-IV trials. Numerous anti-cancer therapies can lead to a prolongation of the QTc interval as a cardiotoxic side effect. The conventional cardiologic patient assessments are associated with a tedious turnaround time until QTc diagnosis. A substantial time reduction of upto 99%  could be achieved by the QTc Tracker system. 

QTc Tracker allows on-site ECG measurements and real-time transfer of ECG records for tele-cardiology diagnosis. In comparison with the routine ECG workflow, the working principle of QTc Tracker reduced the total time required till receipt of the diagnostic report to upto 99%. As there are cardiotoxic side-effects associated with various cancer drugs, it is required to have regular ECG assessments. These routine QTc evaluations were associated with a mean total turnaround time of 140 hours. CANKADO’s tele-cardiology application named QTc Tracker enabled the significant improvement of this time-consuming workflow. As this application allows on-site ECG measurements and real-time transfer of ECG records, the mean turnaround time until the receipt of ECG diagnostic report by the oncologist took only 2.4 hours. The turnaround time further decreased to 12 minutes when QTc Tracker was combined with cardiologic on-call service for ECG diagnosis. Hence it proved that in contrast to the routine ECG workflow, the mean total turnaround time could be reduced by over 99%.

QTc Tracker is a highly promising application in the field of Tele-Cardiology. Its usage can increase treatment continuity and ensure patient safety. The importance of QTc Tracker and its application is widely acceptable among patients and healthcare teams. Thus the prize won delivers immense pride to CANKADO and the authors of the digital poster presented at QoCC 2021.

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