Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

AI-based decision support

AI-based decision support for short-term decisions using incident prediction.

AI-driven decision support & Incident Prediction

  • Each node is a decision point for a particular patient
  • Each node contains the current condition and
    attributes of the patient (“digital patient”)
  • Each arrow corresponds to a decision option
  • The arrow length represents the expected QALY
  • The sequence of decisions and QALY-duration is like move sequence in chess
  • Decision support can help in far-reaching decisions (e.g. treatment) and short-term decisions (e.g. symptom management)
decision support
ai oncology

Condition and attributes of the patient (“digital patient”)

  • Pathology
  • Molecular data
  • Medical information incl. comorbidity
  • Patient journey incl. history of
    • Disease
    • Treatments
    • Symptoms
    • Decisions
  • Self-tracking data

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