There has been a steady increase in the usage of CANKADO e-Health
system among healthcare professionals, patients and in clinical trials

Substantial Expansion of CANKADO's Digital Health Solution 2
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Cologne, Germany, 05.11.2020 – CANKADO’s digital health solution is having a substantial increase in its usage among patients, healthcare professionals and in clinical trials. This evaluation reiterates that CANKADO is a reliable and efficient e-Health system to manage the treatment of patients with chronic diseases.      

CANKADO in Clinical Trials and Academic Projects

CANKADO ePRO (electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes) tool is used in more than 80 clinical trials and academic study projects carried out in about 500 healthcare centers spanned globally in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the United States. Already, over 350 healthcare centers in Germany alone are using the system to conduct their clinical trials. CANKADO’s digital healthcare technology can enhance the future of clinical studies and can address the needs of different stakeholders not only in the trial ecosystem but also in routine care.  

CANKADO Device Support for Outpatients to Document PRO at Centers

Giving access to a digital device for patients within a center is one of the key challenges in modern clinical trials. CANKADO manages more than 450 devices from WiFi support, independent cellular network access to remote management, user training till user support and smooth onboarding of patients. According to the study requirements, device configuration will be performed. To save time and effort during the study conduct, the devices are set up directly at the study centers. These study specific devices from CANKADO facilitate the documentation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) by outpatients.

CANKADO Usage Among Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

About 1500 healthcare professionals, which includes both physicians and nurses, are relying on CANKADO for treatment management and patient support. There has been a substantial increase in the usage among healthcare professionals since 2016. Also, the telemedicine solution of CANKADO enables HCPs to stay connected with their patients. This has ensured stable running of clinical trials, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Thereby the efficient treatment management of patients and improved patient care were achieved.

Global Users of CANKADO Patient App

CANKADO Patient App has world-wide users across the continents. Patients can use the App as their digital health diary and can connect to their healthcare providers to report their health status in real-time.  The intuitive user interface has evolved over constant feedback from the patient community. 

CANKADO  Digital Health Solution Tailored for Project Requirements

CANKADO offers the technical expertise to individualize its digital health solutions and is open to develop new tools in cooperation with its partners. This approach paves ways to further innovations and for improved patient care solutions. Hence, CANKADO’s chapter in the segment of digital healthcare to improve the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases continues. 


CANKADO provides a digital health platform with a web/app multilingual system. It is registered as a medical device in the European Union and compliant with the FDA classification for Mobile Medical Devices. CANKADO offers digital health solutions and develops new tools specific to the requirements and output of each project. It runs with a wide range of clientele that mostly covers pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs). Click here to enquire about further information regarding CANKADO’s digital health services.


CANKADO Service GmbH, headquartered in Germany, operates with over 50 employees with 6 offices in four countries and project experience in all continents. CANKADO provides the worldwide leading system for multi-lingual support of patients with chronic diseases in routine care and in clinical trials, also offering various digital health solutions in the areas of cancer, diabetes, cardiology, surgery, cell therapy, psychology, and nutrition.

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