Clinical Trial launching made easier

Intuitive interface of CANKADO Trial settings enables easy adaptation of the clinical trial protocol requirements. The system is multilingual and is compliant with ICH GCP E6 (R2).

Easy launch clinical trials with CANKADO ePRO
CANKADO ePRO provides


CANKADO ePRO provides

How CANKADO helps easy launch?

CANKADO trial settings can be customisable according to trial demands.

Multiple arms with different features are supported.

PROMs (Patient reported outcome measures) used in clinical trials aim to measure quality of life (QoL), rating of health status and allows symptoms reporting of the patients.

CANKADO makes reminder configuration possible for efficient reporting of different parameters in the trial.

Using this digital healthcare solution various reminder rhythms like once, daily, weekly, irregular days can be regulated.

Reminders increase patient adherence in treatment which is vital for trials and clinical studies. Patients answer their trial assessments in time and report on their drug intake adherence. Wikis for patients and physicians are provided using this digital solution.

How CANKADO helps easy launch

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