Stable running of clinical trials using CANKADO telemedicine 2

Due to covid19, several clinical trials are temporarily stopped as patients are unable to visit their physicians during this pandemic. CANKADO with its digital telemedicine solution helps physicians in remote monitoring of patients thereby enabling stabilized running of trials.

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CANKADO telemedicine offers

How Cankado telemedicine supports clinical trials?

How Cankado telemedicine supports clinical trials

Health care professionals can efficiently diagnose their patients through remote monitoring via our system.

Physicians can access CANKADO’s video conferencing feature in both the app and web for remote monitoring of their patient’s treatment and evaluating their progress efficiently thereby reducing the clinical visits and overall costs.

Clinical trials are uninterrupted with digital telemedicine during any pandemic situations like COVID-19. It reduces the risk of encountering new infections during on-site clinical visits.

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