The study evaluates the dental side effects of radiotherapy on head and neck
cancer patients

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Cologne, Germany, 30.09.2020 – CANKADO, the leading digital health application developers to be the e-health support for Institute Jules Bordet’s new clinical study that tests the dental side effects of radiotherapy on patients with head and neck cancer.

As an academic non-for-profit organisation, the Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) of the comprehensive cancer centre Institut Jules Bordet (IJB) is fighting cancer through the design, set-up and conduct of innovative clinical trials that matters to patients.  The  recent study titled “Prospective pilot study evaluating dental side effects of radiotherapy on subjects treated for head and neck cancer ” or shortly titled as ‘StomRay’ sponsored by the Institut Jules Bordet aims to understand the radiotherapy side-effects causing dental problems in the head and neck cancer patients. Indeed, dental and/or oral side-effects during and after cancer treatment are common in head and neck cancer patients, as the radiotherapy can slow down the growth of new cells.  

The CANKADO e-health system helps to collect the patient reported outcomes recorded electronically or ePRO to test the quality of life and treatment-related symptoms. In this new project of Institut Jules Bordet, CANKADO Service GmbH, will be the academic partner to support the clinical study by adapting the CANKADO e-health system to the trial-specific requirements of ‘StomRay’. With this recent study, the data can be collected from cancer patients and thus help medical professionals to decide on the changes in the intervention.

About Institut Jules Bordet

Institut Jules Bordet is an integrated multidisciplinary center internationally recognized, unique in Belgium and is a hospital entirely dedicated to patients suffering from cancerous diseases. The CTSU is a department of the Jules Bordet Institute helping researchers in the development and conduct of exploratory (so-called phase 0), phases I, II and III clinical trials sponsored by the IJB for all cancer types. The CTSU manages the operational aspects of these academic trials in close collaboration with oncologists, surgeons and radiotherapists.


CANKADO Service GmbH is the leading digital medical products manufacturer headquartered in Germany and has extensive experience in the e-health industry. CANKADO operates with over 50 employees with 6 offices in four countries and project experience in all continents. An entirely new way of digital support for patients with chronic diseases has been developed in cooperation with patients, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and clinics all over the world. Today, CANKADO is the worldwide leading system for multi-lingual support of patients with chronic diseases in routine care and in clinical trials, also offering various digital solutions in the areas of cancer, diabetes, cardiology, surgery, cell therapy, psychology, and nutrition.

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