‘My Keto Life’ is an e-Health tool developed on the CANKADO platform by a team composed of healthcare Professionals,
B-LIFE: an Argentinean nutrition company and CANKADO Latin America

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Cologne, Germany, 15.10.2020CANKADO, the leading digital health application developers headquartered in Germany has opened an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the end of 2019, with the goal of expanding its outreach to countries in Latin America. The first product, ‘My Keto Life’, an e-Health tool developed on the CANKADO platform, in collaboration with B-LIFE, a leading Argentinean nutrition company, attends to the needs of everyday monitoring and support for epilepsy patients on Ketogenic Diet Therapies (KDTs).

B-LIFE is dedicated to the import, development and commercialization of foods and supplements for specific medical purposes aimed at pathologies that require specialized nutritional treatment, was looking for a solution to offer to their customers for the management of refractory epilepsy and found on CANKADO, the optimal e-Health platform to do so.

Worldwide, around one out of 100 people have active epilepsy and over one third of these patients have seizures that cannot be controlled by antiseizure medications. The main aim in treating a patient with epilepsy is to rapidly achieve seizure control, avoiding adverse effects.  Ketogenic diet therapies are a good option for decreasing or eliminating seizures in patients with treatment-refractory epilepsy improving quality of life, especially in young children. A key issue in the management of patients with Ketogenic diet therapy is the continuous tuning and regular check-ups with the families, as they are involved in the daily treatment. They are responsible for recording the number of seizures, ketosis levels and adherence to the diet on a daily basis, while the fine-tuning to achieve the appropriate therapeutic effect is carried out by the  Ketogenic diet therapy team made up of clinical nutritionists, neurologists and dieticians.

‘My Keto life’ is the result of the teamwork of B-LIFE and CANKADO together with a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to the treatment of epilepsy, from the ‘Juan P. Garrahan’ Pediatric Hospital, the main pediatric hospital of Argentina. Recording of the patient parameters is done through a downloadable mobile/tablet app or on the website. The easy-to-use main screen of the app allows the patient to record the level of ketones, Glucose, and seizure counts during the day. Also, the medication feature allows the patient to record prescribed drugs and is linked to a customizable reminder to assist the user in future intakes. All the recorded  and uploaded data by patients can be controlled in real time in a private web-based space by their healthcare professional. After an initial trial phase at the Pediatric Hospital of Buenos Aires, the use of ‘My Keto Life’ is growing rapidly and is being used in eight health centers located in five different states of the country.

CANKADO offers digital health solutions and develops new tools specific to the requirements and output of each project. It runs with a wide range of clientele that mostly covers pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations [CROs]. Click here to enquire about further information regarding CANKADO’s digital health services. 

About B-LIFE

B-LIFE SA is a company dedicated to the import, development, commercialization, and distribution of a wide variety of foods for specific medical purposes destined for pathologies that require specialized nutritional treatment. The company is run by healthcare professionals with vast experience, professionalism, and dedication. It focuses on providing personalized attention and offers the highest quality and variety of nutritional products to meet the needs of patients, professionals, family, and/or caregivers.  


CANKADO is a digital health platform with a web/app multilingual system. It is registered as a medical device in the European Union and compliant with the FDA classification for Mobile Medical Devices. CANKADO operates with over 50 employees with 6 offices in four countries and project experience in all continents. An entirely new way of digital support for patients with chronic diseases has been developed in cooperation with patients, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and clinics all over the world. Today, CANKADO is the worldwide leading system for multi-lingual support of patients with chronic diseases in routine care and in clinical trials, also offering various digital solutions in the areas of cancer, diabetes, cardiology, surgery, cell therapy, psychology, and nutrition. 

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