CANKADO digital healthcare solutions enhance the future of clinical trials

Digital healthcare platforms for clinical trials built on CANKADO backbone solutions have made trial participation easier by focusing on building efficiencies with better insights and improving patient care.

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Clinical trials digital healthcare platform built on CANKADO backbone solutions

Patients reported outcomes framework

Any report that directly comes from patients helps physicians in determining key parameters.

Connection to health care professionals

CANKADO eases and reduces the gap between patients and physicians.

Real-time trial monitoring

Efficient tracking and monitoring of clinical trial activities in realtime is possible through the CANKADO Trial Monitor solution.

Statistical analysis and reports on trials

Describes the planned analysis for a clinical trial and generate reports as per the need.

Optimization of time, resource, and cost

Optimized pathway for the execution of clinical trials.

digital healthcare solutions enhance the future of clinical trials

CANKADO Digital healthcare technology transforms clinical trials

Digital healthcare has paved the way for the transformation of clinical trial strategies.

The efficient implementation of CANKADO digital solutions in trials, academic research studies improves patient experience and also patient empowerment. It also provides a good analysis perspective for the trial organizers addressing the needs of different stakeholders in the trial ecosystem.

The system is used in clinical practices to productively manage the treatment process of the patients. We have implemented PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) which enables the patient to document their health symptoms.

It supports increased patient engagement improving patient adherence educating them to handle their health symptom conditions in a much more balanced manner by providing relevant behavioral recommendations. Furthermore, the trials could be regularly monitored and reported.

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