WSG and CANKADO's EnReP predict the benefits of anti-hormone therapy in breast cancer patients

The tool developed on the basis of the ADAPT study data will be presented today at SABCS 2020.

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Cologne, Germany, 11.12.2020 – The EnReP (Endocrine Response Predictor) assessment tool will be presented today at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium SABCS 2020. EnReP is a tool developed in Germany that can be used to predict the probability of response to endocrine therapy in early-stage breast cancer patients. Endocrine therapy is the standard therapy for hormone receptor-positive (HR+) / HER2-negative (HER2−) breast cancer patients.

The ADAPT study program evaluates options for patient-specific decision-making for breast cancer treatment based on modern biological markers. A central component here is the examination of the tumor’s response to a brief anti-hormone therapy prior to operation.

More than 5,000 patients from 80 breast centers in Germany participated in the ADAPT study. The groundbreaking results of the ADAPT study in early hormone-sensitive breast cancer are presented today for the WSG study group by Prof. Harbeck (Breast Center, University Hospital Munich).

The EnReP algorithm is based on the ADAPT study results and enables the prediction of patient’s endocrine therapy responses. EnReP thus supports therapy decisions in early hormone-sensitive breast cancer and is a milestone in therapy management.

The tool can be used as therapy decision support in around 40% of all breast cancer patients.

EnReP is available free of charge as a web version at

About WSG

The West German Study Group (WSG) is a national research institution that focuses on the design, organization and implementation of clinical studies in the field of breast cancer. The goals of our studies are to optimize existing therapies in terms of effectiveness and tolerability, avoid unnecessary therapies and individualize breast cancer therapy.

The WSG is scientifically managed by Professor Dr. med. Ulrike Nitz (Breast Center Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach), Professor Dr. med. Nadia Harbeck (Breast Center, University Hospital Munich), PD Dr. med. Oleg Gluz (Breast Center Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach) and Prof. Dr. med. Sherko Kümmel (Senology Clinic / Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Center of the Essen-Mitte Clinics).


The German e-Health platform CANKADO is constantly striving to improve patient care. CANKADO’s extensive know-how in providing dedicated e-Health support has enabled the successful implementation of the EnReP tool for the benefit of breast cancer patients.


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